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#1 2018-09-06 18:41:03

Caleb @ InstantGalaxy

Praying Mantis in the Workplace

I learned something interesting today, thanks to an unexpected visitor.

Not long ago, Holly and I caught sight of something strange flying alongside the house. It looked like a very large, white dragonfly. Today I got a similar sight as it panned left, narrowly missing my face!

"What was that??" a customer at the counter exclaimed. He was still hunched over from lunging out of the wreckless aeronaut's path. "It looked like a dragonfly or something," we both stammered in unison.

But it was white. It had flown to a back counter and disappeared behind some equipment. As we began to search for it, the rest of the story came to light.

It was a praying mantis! It had hitched a ride on some lady's shirt, apparently freaking her out when she realised it was there. In the ensuing struggle, the mantis took flight and wound up here.

Since we could see it now without it's wings all over the place, it was clearly not white but a pale tan color. I'm told that would indicate that it's a male.

Of course I immediately booked a one-way box truck ride back to the foliage outside the store, but it's always fun to meet a praying mantis up close. Correction: it's usually fun; sometimes it scares the crap out of you first!


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