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#1 2018-06-24 13:18:55

Caleb @ InstantGalaxy

New Company Ideas

The point of this topic is to highlight what companies are doing wrong lately, and to suggest new ideologies that would result in their doing the right things.

To start right off, then, I've noticed the increased demand for employees to self-promote the business that employs them. Each employee is expected to take on a persona specific to the company, holding the company's ideals in higher regard than self. In fact, this relationship is sadly under-compensated and employees are simply taken advantage of. That is my complaint. Most people must apply to work for an active member of our local economy in order to support their families. Meanwhile, the wages on offer for their toils amount to a fraction of the money they need to succeed in that same economy.

My suggestion is that companies ask for and truly earn their employees. They can start doing so by offering care for our families in the form of reduced profits. They should be thoroughly rewarding us for our servitude, instead of insisting that their contracts are fair and there's no servitude. We've seen the paperwork; we know about no compete clauses, 24/7 part-time availability, and many other mis-deeds. Furthermore, we know we're required to conform to their beliefs during employment with their company. Well, why should anybody try out for a company who wants all of this but wants to pay a fraction of what it actually takes to live comfortably in the very same economy?

We shouldn't need unions for fair wages, and that doesn't mean minimum wage for anybody, except maybe the CEO of a new company that hasn't taken off yet. It is never acceptable to put profits before the families of the very people you depend on to run the business! ...And yet, we see companies doing this very thing every day.

Doing the work of one complete employee should be worth the cost of one human's care during the period of employment, but this is not considered possible. According to the most prevalent business models, a company needs to be making its stake holders richer or selling itself off if not heading toward bankruptcy. Our new business model needs instead to take the needs of real people into account.

Feel free to expand upon this or introduce your own ideas for things that companies ought to be trying on us these days!


#2 2018-06-29 15:39:59

Gad Zook

Re: New Company Ideas

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