Item: Valley Folk Board Game
Price: $45.00 (Standard); $55.00 (Expanded)
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Grab your travel gear and get ready for a challenge of historic proportions!

We've put the Gold Standard back into your board game experience! Every move counts and every counter follows the gold as you attempt to stack the cards in your favor. A working model of early commerce quickly unfolds.

Based in part on the geography and several key industries of Oregon, Valley Folk highlights the resources behind each known project. Players turn these resources into profit, despite fun scenarios that start taking away their control.

The Standard Edition contains the complete game for up to 4 players. Expanded Edition is further equipped for up to 8 players.

NOTES FROM PUBLISHER: We're currently updating the First Edition for 2019. (We are a small studio with limited startup resources and several games in development which compete for attention. Second Edition is likely a few years out.) First Edition, which pairs modified public domain imagery for the cards with collaborative sketch work from a Portland artist for the board, actually captures a centralized economy and presents the enigma of profit for the sake of banking profit. The result is the seemingly-monopolised genre of 'property trading game' finally re-imagined in the eyes of budding Valley Folk players. It's the resources which take center stage, however; not surprising when you consider that the board, a map of 'the Valley,' has a cheeky similarity to that of Oregon. Bright colors and easy setup make Valley Folk a must for adult gamers, while it's educational value makes it perfect for students. Sold in retail, single-family box (on this page), or in a classroom 4-pack with rigid boards and extra teaching materials (generally through direct contact with the school). This game features handcrafted pieces for a hearty experience and ships directly from our studio in Roseburg, Oregon. Local delivery may also be available. Filling orders from Continental US only at this time.

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